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Message In My Pen

by Luella Hill-Dudley


Award Winning


Spanish Version

Like a mother giving life to her baby as she ushers him into the world, Luella Hill-Dudley gives life to her words as she pens them on the pages of her newest book, Message In My Pen. Her poetry is likened unto a smorgasbord, where there is something for everybody, from the young to the old and the in between.

Luella, winning against all odds, becoming motherless at the tender age of one-and-a-half years old, abused in the foster system and then reconnected with her father at the age of seven, has not experienced life as a bed of roses. However, she takes her experiences and make a blueprint for others to follow when challenged with life's perplexities.

As you turn the pages, you will discover that poetry is nothing but a testimony of sharing from the depths of your soul. There is cleansing, washing, and healing of souls as the reader travels the journey with the poet. You will laugh and cry. You are there with the author. You will feel her pain. You are walking in her shoes, and through it all, you will gather the strength to triumph over the human spirit to conquer your fears and to heal your wounds. You will discover your purpose through your trials. And no matter what hand is dealt to you, after reading Luella's words, you will be inspired to walk in your destiny. You will find yourself on these pages.

Her poem, "O Fortunate One", reminds us of our duty to humanity. Excerpt: "O Fortunate One", where are you? Am I not your sister, your brother? Our bloodline connections is through Jesus Christ. When my child is growing weak and having nothing to eat, where are you?"

As we witness the increase of suicide among men, and young Black men in particular, we will be touched by and will gain an appreciation for her poem, "Black Man's Story", where a man is holding a gun to his head. Excerpts: They don't know I speak five language, and graduated from Harvard. As I lower the gun to my head. I realize I am victim. I am not the one who should be destroyed, for it's one thing when the whole world turns its back on me, but I can't and will not turn on myself. If I destroy me then they win. I am warrior, not a destroyer.

The poems in the Journey of Love Section are so deep and sweet. You can feel the love running from your head to your toes. And for those who don't know how to say I love you, there are many phrases that you can borrow from.

In Message In My Pen, Luella takes you on the journey called "Life" and you are sure to pick up a few pearls and nuggets along the way that will help you to face life head-on, and you will know without a doubt that it's your turn to win, to laugh, and to celebrate living again.

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