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Purple Glow

Motivating Our Youth

by Luella Hill-Dudley


Collaborations of work by Sistahs With Ink Foundation phenomenal members who compile inspirational poetry to motivate our youth. One of Sistahs With Ink profound poetess, Gabby Valentino, wrote this powerful poem titled: "The Struggle," something that any youth could relate to. Sistahs With Ink has compassion for our youth of today and desire to encourage you through your high and low moments in this life. Our international member and poetess, Marianne Cooper, wrote a special poem to you titled: "Dear Youngster," which will touch your heart and hope to shine a bright light in dark moments. Each contributor poetess has a photo by the work.

Motivating Our Youth is comforting to a mind that gets hit from all sides of life. We want to inspire you to keep holding on and never lose hope in your dreams. Look at the beautiful poetess of Sistahs With Ink stepping out with the dream we want to motivate you to do the same as us.

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