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In Memory of Augusta Collins

As our Memorial Day Weekend beginning I want to start if off with sweet memories of profound professional Blues Hall of Fame Augusta Lee Collins was a member of Brothas With Ink. He performed in my very first production Black Fire and Ice and along with many of our other Bay Area Artists at the Richmond Auditorium. We lost him a few years ago due to a teenage drunk driver in Alameda. It was a tremendous loss to us but he forever lives in our heart. He was well known for Blues Singer and his energetic smile and spirit. Sistahs With Ink misses you and you will never be forgotten. He always called me Mrs Berry Gordy which always made me laugh. RIP my brotha.


Augusta Collins

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In Loving Memory of Tique Lee Caul
She was a strong activist as well as Real Estate Broker. She is well known in the Bay Area. She was a true fighter and voice her opinion on whatever she felt was right. She was highly involved in the community. We had just finish meeting a month before her passing because she also had her own Talk Show and she wanted to interview me to give me opportunity to talk about Sistahs With Ink. When I received the news she past it knocked the wind out of me. Her and her father Lee William was 2 jewels on this earth. What a great loss. You will always be remembered at Sistahs With Ink love you. RIP. She died 2 years ago.

Tique Lee Caul

Lee Williams


In Memory of Gold Medal Poet Lee Williams was my mentor. He was in the VA Hospital and he performed in my first production and return back to the hospital after his performance in the Black Fire and Ice performance at the Richmond Auditorium. He also was a great illustrator. He had several amazing poetry piece my favorite was "Shorty" and "Glass Eye Woman" his performance was impeccable. His delivery was something to see. I met him when I was in my early teens. I would attend poetry events and watch how he got down and he is the absolute best I've ever seen. He kept coaching me up out my seat at open mic. Him and another local poet gave me the name ROCK. Because they said that's what happens when I stepped to the mic. He did so many phenomenal things for the disabled and others. He was well known all over the world. He won so many medals and awards for his work. RIP my brotha I'll never forget you from Sistahs With Ink. He passed away a few years ago and it feels like yesterday.

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In Loving Memory of LaQuita Dillon 

Another Sistahs With Ink Salute. This sistah was a true ride and die sistah for you. She always had a smile on her face and loved the Lord. She attended and supported the projects and vision of Sistahs With Ink. You will forever be remembered at Sistahs With Ink. She called me Madam Amazing. I miss her so much. You not just a phone call away anymore. She was very very amazing herself. She is loved by many Teno Watley and Family, Nedra Cherry HargraveJacqueline Brown SullivanSherry PrewittSonjay Odds,


LaQuita Dillon

June Burgess

In loving memory of June Burgess. She was our Sistahs With Ink Online Group Administrator who welcomed our new members, posted SWI Announcements and approved new comers into the SWI Group. She loved working with artists and kept them encouraged and motivated.

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