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Solid As A Rock I Stand

by Luella Hill


Award Winning

Luella debuts as a thought-provoking writer. Her book "Solid As A Rock I Stand brings us to grips with every emotion that can be experienced from the cradle to the grave.

Luella demonstrates through inspirational poetry and short stories the pain and abandonment of her life that is alarming and engaging. she helps one to see and understand that success and failure are components of life's journey.

You hear the voice of the human spirit striving for completion in a world of chaos. A child yearning for her mother. A mother weeping for her child. A sister being mother to her sister. A woman pleading for love and respect from her man. And old men making fools of themselves for the sake of staying young. Take a ride through the pages of this book and find yourself, then rest assured that you too are okay.

Ms. Hill is young, dynamic woman who inspires others to reach their goals and overcome obstacles through her writing. Ms. Hill 2nd book, The Reflections of My Mind" was the first ever poetry volume slected in North American Bookdealer Exchange - Book of the Year Honored in 1994 and 1995.

Ms. Hill writes about her personal experiences with courage and honesty. She brings out the positive side in every situation and has soothing words for those who are grieving he loss of a loved ones; those who are coping with the difficulties of recovery from abuse; alcohol or drug problems; and those who want to make a change in their lives for the better.

"Luella's faith and sense of humor have been her strength. She addresses issues from the front door to the bedroom. In her poem, "More Than A Bedroom Identity, she shares the sentiments of most women. She writes, "No entry to my bedroom until you have properly identified yourself as a man outside my bedroom door".

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